Must-Have Features for Inbound Call Center Software 

Running a busy inbound call center can truly be a headache and lead to a mess if the right software is not used. The right software should be one that has at least some basic features and several advanced features. The advanced features are meant to make the work easier and improve caller experience. Here are some of the must-have features for an inbound call center software.
An ACD or automated call distributor is a number one feature for a busy inbound call unit.  It allows the team to route callers to the most appropriate department or agent depending on some preset data. The ACDs serve a foundation for other call center system features.
Another must-have feature is the Multi-Level Interactive Voice Response. This one allows the callers to select the agent or department they would want to be routed based on some prompts. The call center experts can customize the greetings, levels, menus and prompts so that the caller can listen to the recordings and get useful information. The user can then select to be routed to a specific agent or leave a voicemail. A well set multi-level IVR can be a great asset to a busy inbound cal unit. 
Skill-based routing is another feature that routes callers to the most appropriate agent based on the callers IVR selection callers interaction history, the number dialed and agent skills set. Other important constructors based as deemed by the call center can be preset such as language, geographic region, and others. More of this here Ringba features
The customized call queues feature presumes that queues must happen.  To optimize the experience of callers, they must be prepared to set the queues rightly. The inbound call center software should at least have different queues for every department, preset maximum length of the queue, waiting for caps. It should as well have features like a callback from queue and queue to voicemail to ensure callers don't get headaches. Click here clould call tracking system

It is important that the call center software has a built-in CRM. To provide topnotch services, the call center agents must have access to reliable information about the caller.  To fully answer the caller, cross-sell and up-sell and interact with the callers, the CRM is important. A built-in CRM  and enhanced caller ID gives the agents details about the caller such as the name, phone number, company, position, picture and such irrespective of how many times the person has called. In case the person has previously connected the company, the entire history, call recordings, voicemails and more data will be available. The agent will thus adjust accordingly to offer topnotch customer experience.